come on Monday

Posted by Dane Carder on August 18, 2014

I have read it virtually said by several about last week… it was a damn long, tough stretch of days. ?Not sure if it was in the stars, the collective unconscious, or just a coincidence. ?Whatever it was, I know that a lot of folks got their ass kicked by the events of past week. ?The day after Robin Williams’ Richter Scale suicide, I attended the services for a dear friend who gave up her body after fighting ALS for five years… and, then, social media went nuts with the “ice bucket challenge” for ALS – an extremely successful campaign. ?Then Michael Brown wass shot to death, and great outrage added to the swelling seas of emotional upheaval. ?It all seems too visceral, beyond any intellect that I can muster, and so I don’t make sense of it here… I just pour a little tiny bit of it out into the waves.

The painting that I am working on of D. Templeton seems to symbolize all of this too well for me. ?So much in the world that I can barely stand to see… or feel.

I really can’t write about it any more.


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