Business Plan

Posted by Dane Carder on August 10, 2019

Over the next week or so, I will be focussed on writing a business plan for Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce. Working to present this to my uncles, who are lawyers, I will construct the most concise, thorough, and passionate plan that I can muster. This task is not in my wheelhouse of experience, but the Cause calls for it, and I must surpass everyone’s expectations to inch closer to manifesting the vision of Jim’s in Nashville. I have been thinking on this business for months (years) now, so the depth and saturation is there… now I must serve it up in professional terms.

Taking such a challenge is scary and wonderful. I’ve lived many days and weeks in the comfort of my routines. The protection that the studio provides from certain discomforts has served me at times, but now is ripe for the upheaval, throwing out the regularity. My wife is in Iceland all this week, so, I intend to use the “alone time” at home to help focus the energies. My desire to share Jim’s spaghetti sauce with you all is huge, and that drives me into the unknown.


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