Business Plan – Step Two

Posted by Dane Carder on September 9, 2019

It’s taken me a while to get to the place where I am ready to present my business plan for Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce. It sure “could have” been done faster, but timing takes time. I waited on inside and outside forces. I practiced patience. I grew anxious, and then found peace again. Tomorrow, I will send the plan to my uncles that each own a third of the restaurant with my mom. Then, it’s out of my hands again, and hope will settle in to the saddle. I am proud of what I have produced in the plan, and I think it’s plenty to get a seat at the table to discuss moving forward with “ownership.”

There will be some relief once I hit “send,” and I’ll celebrate quietly once that is done. I’m just ready to make spaghetti sauce for lots of people… a simple desire.

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