Building a Business

Posted by Dane Carder on June 2, 2019

Inauguration Day VI (Capitol Construction)

I’m in the midst of building a business. I’m not accustomed to being a businessman. Maybe, what I’m really doing is “think-tanking” a business model for a special product. There is a need to keep it relatively quiet, but to intentionally make good noise when duty calls. The first trial has been a success, and I am ready to take a flying leap… but, the model isn’t calling for that yet. A grassroots approach feels right, and so I’m not hiring a huge marketing company or a PR agent. I am researching and consulting and strategizing how to best build this thing. Days get spattered with new sorts of tasks, and it’s like traveling on unmarked roads in a land of which I’m unfamiliar… but, it feels like I’ve seen this landscape before.

I look forward to sharing what’s cooking.

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