Lawyers, Laws, and Spaghetti

Posted by Dane Carder on November 21, 2019

Through hoops and documents I jump to gain a better understanding of building a small business. Tomorrow, I’ll meet with a lawyer that may help me navigate this process. I’m in foreign territory. Good thing that I’ve got a reasonable sense of what’s going on, for the most part. This will be challenging, as law words sometimes wreak havoc on a simple man’s mind. I’m looking forward to it.

Before this meeting, I’ll have what I intend to be my final visit to the chiropractor for my pinched nerve… though it may not be fully healed, my budget for professional help for it will be dry after tomorrow. Stretches, and ice and heat, and some mystic magic will have to work towards my healing after this visit. I think I can…

Studio Flashback

Posted by Dane Carder on November 20, 2019

I don’t often “miss” my old studio, but I do enjoy seeing a photo of it from time to time. I spent sixteen years in this magical place, highs and lows aplenty… I am grateful for all the experiences. I was extremely close to losing every last thing in here to a fire in the space below right below me. I witnessed floor to ceiling flames get extinguished in the nick of time… I can still smell that smell.

Fragments of Man

Posted by Dane Carder on November 19, 2019

There are four new paintings at the studio that are experimentations for the January show, and today I took sandpaper to them and got just what I needed. No telling where they go from here, because that’s what experiments do. I may make more of these and keep them on loose canvas, and show them in a stack or something random. I am excited for the show, and curious how a two person exhibit works in that space… I’ll certainly trust this team, and all will be well.

The impeachment hearing swirls around the ether, and dusts weirdness on our culture. It would just be a breath of fresh air if justice prevailed, and swiftly. We have been exposed to enough of the foul sham already, it is time to get back to truth. On top of that, this is week three of the pinched nerve in the neck. It seems to be getting better, but it still feels as though I was electrocuted about a month ago, and that’s not cool.

… and 44 to go

Posted by Dane Carder on November 18, 2019

I’ve written 321 blog posts this year, one for each day, and I have 44 to go to complete my resolution. So what, right? Quantity over quality… is that what happened here? I am constantly evaluating and trying to refine or better my “product.” But, here on the blog, I’m afraid that I haven’t necessarily made better the content over the course of the project. I have probably already¬† apologized for this aspect of my blog. I now fantasize about the next iteration of posts, post completion of this project. There are sacrifices that must be made every day. I admit that the energy for this output has often been used elsewhere. I am okay with that, but I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t raise the level of craft here.

Anyways, I have two meetings this week with lawyers for my new business, and I’m inching toward the website and logo design. And, my daughter is going to the district finals this week for soccer…

Dimensional Mounds Bar

Posted by Dane Carder on November 17, 2019

If you like/love Mounds bars, I highly recommend you try this. Get a box of Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate brownies, and make them… Next, get some of the above vegan ice cream. It’s made with coconut milk, and it is tasty. With a scoop of this on top of a brownie, the experience of a Mounds bar finds extra dimensions. It’s the simple things in life that expand the enjoyment, and I think that you deserve this treat.

Quarter Till

Posted by Dane Carder on November 16, 2019

It is nearly midnight, and I’m ready to close this long day. I attended a “memorial art show” for a friend’s mom who passed away two months ago. She was an artist, and had created thousands of works over her life… and, about a third of them were shared today. It was beautiful and heavy. So much of her, after death, remained in that room with the art. I couldn’t help but to reflect on my own situation. Will my daughters be left with the weight of me when I die? It’s likely to be that way, and I can’t live concerned over their possible burden. Anyways, I followed up the memorial with an art show for J. Todd Greene at my studio, and I was very pleased. Todd and I both have barely survived countless openings, when not enough people showed or nobody bought anything… we have been scarred. Tonight, he and I both celebrated, as lots of people showed up and plenty purchased art. Todd’s model is “pay what you want,” and though it makes most people uncomfortable, it probably works out in the end.

We need to be made uncomfortable, as it forces us to face certain aspects of ourself that need facing. Walking through that feeling with people is weirdly fun. It’s time to post… five till midnight.


Posted by Dane Carder on November 15, 2019

I began to teach my daughter about chi this morning, in the context of my afternoon acupuncture appointment. I fully believe that she would benefit from this information, and I’ll continue the discussion soon. My chi is still messy around my shoulder… It’s going on two weeks now, and my serenity is waning.


Posted by Dane Carder on November 14, 2019

This blog does not get advertised by me or anyone else. It hides on the internet. It is a self-indulgent project that started as a New Year’s Resolution, and it probably didn’t go how I thought it might. That derailment didn’t stop me from following through with my commitment. The acceptance of my unwillingness to give it more time and energy than I do definitely limits its effectiveness. Really, it mainly proves my stubborn streak and determination to stick with a project. I am starting to think about the possibility of a new project in the new year, and it’s just not likely. Jim’s Spaghetti Sauce will be my extra project… and, that’s more than plenty. So, if you’re reading this, thanks for your time… I’ll be done soon.

The Price to Unpinch a Nerve

Posted by Dane Carder on November 13, 2019

I visited my chiropractor today for the second treatment to remedy the pinched nerve in my neck. No, he’s not just cracking my back. Magnets and lasers and other magical modalities are being utilized to free me from this ten day stay in pain prison. It’s going to be an expensive escape to freedom, but I have to go along, as the alternatives don’t appeal to me at all. I am grateful that I have options. It was a long day that needs to end. I hope to start back with an exercise program tomorrow… my body and Spirit need it… we all do.


Posted by Dane Carder on November 12, 2019

Somehow, I agreed to a project that involves me writing what amounts to a three thousand word bio… sheesh. I am nearing the end, but the first draft was due last Friday. I’m not going to get points deducted or anything, but the tardiness is weighing on me a bit. I am geared up to finish it first thing in the morning, and send it along and hope for the best.

It has provided a lot of reflection and challenge, and it is certainly a wonderful exercise to for something. On the heels of this wordy journey, I will slide into helping produce an art show that opens this weekend. Also, I’ll be meeting with my brother to discuss Jim’s business to push that along the line. The world is swirling, and the aggravated pinchy nerve in my neck is a week and a half old now, and I’m tired of feeling compromised. I’m always excited about what’s ahead.