Posted by Dane Carder on September 4, 2019

Tonight, in celebration of my fifteenth wedding anniversary, my wife and I went to Bastion for dinner. Having worked in the same building as this gem of a restaurant for two years, and having become friends with Josh, the chef, seems like I would have been there by now. But, whatever Resistance was oppositional to my best laid plans, was successful at keeping me away until tonight. The wait was worth it, and all five courses delighted in nuanced fancy. I’m clearly not going to get into a food review here, and I didn’t take one photo of food… So, just take yourself there to celebrate something… anything. I hope to be back before another eon passes.

After getting home, I was kissing a daughter good night, and she could hardly stop smelling my shirt. She exclaimed something along the lines of, “You smell good… like smoked food.”

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