Bad Tooth News

Posted by Dane Carder on February 20, 2019

I found out early this morning that, because I have waited so many years, getting an implant molar will also require a bone graft, and likely cost nearly nine thousand dollars. Looks like I’ll remain toothless or get a bridge that will need replacing in about fifteen years. Dental issues are the pinnacle of lame. My wife asked me if I wanted the implant… I said, “Sure, but in no real world scenario does it seem likely that I drop nine thousand dollars for one tooth.” Especially after the dentist noted that there is no guarantee that the graft will work. This bit of news lingered for most of the day, just hovering above my general mood, quietly reminding me of my dental predicament.

Other than that, last night’s full moon stirred my energy today like a vortex, rendering me a bit frenzied while I was working on two paintings. I check my email way too much… like I am waiting on some life saving announcement or something. Sort of the same with social media, and I know I’m not alone… not close. Billions of people do the same thing, and it’s an effing epidemic. We’ll be reaping the consequences for generations if it continues. We need an easy remedy if it is to make any impact. I am planning on a break from social media for Lent (no, I’m not Catholic)… and, I’ll have to police myself with my email. There’s just nothing there for me when I reach for it… Shenpa is the descriptor for this “itch.” I need to cure this, personally, as it is effecting my quality of life.

That’s all random enough, right?

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