Posted by Dane Carder on August 30, 2019

My wife called me toward the end of the work day, and she asked what I was doing… I said, “Painting arrows.” Then, she asked, “Why?” Me: “Because that’s what the painting needed.”

The upsized Portal painting received most of my attention today, and it was lovely and meditative. I wish I could got there now. I may be in for a long haul with this sort of work… time will tell, certainly. As Labor Day weekend is upon us, I’ll be away from the studio for three days, and that’s a bit unsettling at this moment. The flow is smooth right now, and it feels directed and intentional. I’ll have to work some magic to slide out of that mind and into family gathering mode. We’ll be at the lake house, and it will be wonderful, most likely. But, visions of Portal paintings and fragments of generals will be pressing for attention.

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