… and 44 to go

Posted by Dane Carder on November 18, 2019

I’ve written 321 blog posts this year, one for each day, and I have 44 to go to complete my resolution. So what, right? Quantity over quality… is that what happened here? I am constantly evaluating and trying to refine or better my “product.” But, here on the blog, I’m afraid that I haven’t necessarily made better the content over the course of the project. I have probably already¬† apologized for this aspect of my blog. I now fantasize about the next iteration of posts, post completion of this project. There are sacrifices that must be made every day. I admit that the energy for this output has often been used elsewhere. I am okay with that, but I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t raise the level of craft here.

Anyways, I have two meetings this week with lawyers for my new business, and I’m inching toward the website and logo design. And, my daughter is going to the district finals this week for soccer…

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