Posted by Dane Carder on April 13, 2016

I must confess that it seems appropriate that I don’t get around to posting weekly about my One Painting Per Week For A Year project, even when the painting is finished on time (which this one was).  There’s simply too much going of more importance, and the paintings themselves are lucky to get my attention much of the time.  I have started a large painting of Harpers Ferry, and I could disappear for a couple of weeks with that one, but Life asks more of me than such devotion to a painting.  I have a deep appreciation for Acceptance, and stepping away from the studio to do the DLG work and being present for my family allows me great opportunity to savor the flavors of this gift of Acceptance.  If I wanted to think much about it, this particular painting could be about Acceptance.

                                                 twentysixteen-thirteen (Acceptance)  –  24″x24″  –  $500

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