Posted by Dane Carder on March 17, 2019

We celebrated my sister-in-law’s fiftieth birthday today at House of Cards. It’s a theme restaurant that incorporates magicians doing various styles of magic. There’s the main performance on a stage with a corny older magician doing the buffet of standards, all skilled enough to stump most of us. Weird magician’s music plays over a mediocre sound system and works well with his suit. There is a “mentalist,” working at a small table, guessing numbers on a die by reading unconscious cues offered by the guests… He blew the mind of my oldest daughter who assisted him on the grand finale. Then, there’s the magician with the deck of cards, working the crowd with sleight of hand and a bit of humor. It was an entertaining couple of hours, even if it wasn’t one of the Davids, Copperfield or Blaine. I, like many, I imagine, have always been perplexed by magic and internally frustrated that I can’t figure out many of the tricks. I prefer to think I’m fairly perceptive and keen, but, for the life of me, I can’t confidently solve the “how” of what’s being done right in front of me, and that disappoints me a bit.

So, I reflect on magic, and I rue the truth that we don’t often evoke our powers to elevate the human experience with the potential that lies within. It’s like we have settled for pulling coins out from kids’ ears, and we believe that’s the extent of our magic. I know that there’s much more available, and I’m on a mission to tap into the Teacher that will unlock it all. Our paradigm shift is inevitable, but the timing is contingent upon our participation… ABRACADABRA!

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