about to BOOM, for real

Posted by Dane Carder on April 11, 2011

much has been stirring in the studio, and the stirrings are finishing some older paintings that have been waiting on me for months and maybe years (the pictured image is one of these newly finished pieces, and one that recently sold.) and there are also new paintings being born… 33-39 small paintings that i will show at an open studio on may 15th, and a series of medium format pieces that are on inherited linen panels from an artist who committed suicide about ten years ago… because my work was not wrapped enough in death, i guess??? anyway… tuesday, the twelfth, marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the civil war, and i will be posting soon about the project that i will be undertaking to honor this occasion. it is a four year long endeavor that will involve creating a series of paintings that illustrate the story of the war… the largest project of my artistic career. i hope that i can be in touch with the people through this blog, but it does often prove difficult to do the Work, raise two children, be a great husband, and blog… so, we’ll see. regardless, it is perfect and that is good enough. take care- dane

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