abolishing slavery

Posted by Dane Carder on January 18, 2011

i don’t post here much… maybe because this was intended to be a blog about my studio practice, and that business is usually kept to the studio and face to face visits. there are libraries worth of dialogue to share in regards to the Work, and maybe someday it will be better incorporated into the blogosphere… maybe not. the nine paintings from november’s studio show are still hanging and haunting. a slew of other projects have called for my attention, and i am answering the Call. i am hoping to finish the stack of smaller paintings that i have begun over the past two years that were abandoned for larger projects; they need me. i am developing a series of photo based work that is a bit of a deviation from my paintings, and i am on fire about it. when will they ripen? in due time. there was a lot of arguing amongst myself over the holiday season about income and worth… it tore me down good and thorough, and since last week i have been rebuilding. as many of you are aware 2010 was one big flop on the most part. i am not planning on repeating that record (though most of it is not in my control.) i am working on a new level of freedom; i have been enslaved by a particular way of thinking, and it has kept me chained and dying. the shackles are coming off, but i will not surrender the plow; i am a Worker. well, it’s time to get to the Work.

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