Posted by Dane Carder on June 7, 2019

My dad would have turned 81 today, but he only lived ten days past 50. He was a character; damaged too. Much of who I am is due to him, I believe. He would have made a wonderful grandpa, likely much more natural talent in that department than in being a father. I am grateful to have descended from him and to carry his name. He was William Dale Carder, but went by Bill. I am William Dane Carder… they didn’t want a Jr. (whew). One of my brothers joined me for a steak dinner tonight to celebrate our dad, who loved steak and not chicken. If he were around at 81, he would be whistling a lot, still seeking mastery of the home grown tomato, and probably one of the sharpest dressed grandpas around. He was cool, too much for Earth.

(painting by Doug Finke)

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