Fear here, faced, and dismissed

Posted by Dane Carder on January 18, 2019

Tomorrow morning, I am getting in the car with my two daughters, three friends of my oldest, and my wife, to host a road trip birthday party. At the request of the birthday girl, we are going to Huntington, WV, where my mom runs the family restaurant, Jim’s Steak & Spaghetti House. It is going to be a very loud squealy five hour drive, I imagine. It’s certain to be a memorable thirty hour celebration, and to add extra excitement, a large snow, ice, freeze front is pushing right into our path by the middle of the night tomorrow. The cautious folks on the weather channel highly recommend not traveling unless it is necessary… Well, after serious consideration, we have deemed this necessary. There’s a chance that we get stranded on the way back, somewhere along the Bluegrass Parkway, but we’ll take the chance; I’ll be careful. Having Faith is not a religious behavior, it’s a primitive instinct, formed long before the first church. We are in a constant cycle of facing fears, often unconsciously, and the results of our choices could yield the harvest that will save our life by satisfying the Spirit.

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