28,000 Vertical Feet

Posted by Dane Carder on February 1, 2019

(Appropriate photo unavailable due to iPad blogging on vacation.)

I don’t know too much about skiing… This year is only my second time to do it. Today, according to my new ski tracker app, I logged 28,000 vertical feet, and that’s quite a bit. More exciting for me was overcoming the hurdles to take on the black diamond bowl runs here… The epic expanses and harsh pitches intimidate. Once I jumped in, the fears melted away, even when I took an unplanned turn into a forested section for the pros. I laughed in its face. Enough skills were mine, and the required mindset was put to use. It was beautiful beyond the experience, dimensional through and through. This is a day I’ll surely remember, and I hope we all find lots of days that offer a similar treat… In every moment, there is magic.

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