Posted by Dane Carder on February 8, 2009

one of the “Wounded Men” from ’08…

i have been wounded this week, and even found myself forced to take a couple of days off work… at least i still have both of my arms. ?i have been starting a number (12) of painting for the 4Bridges Festival, and i look forward to more painting… tomorrow i will get there for some hours. ?i will also be meeting with the 3 artists tomorrow that are showing a the gallery this friday, the 13th. ?i met with the owner of cumberland gallery last week, and there are some seeds planted that i believe will deliver some goodness this way soon enough. ?i am needing to build another submission box; the original one is going to La Jolla, CA… along with a couple of the Small Package pieces. ?i need a box for atlanta when i go there on the 19th… can i produce one by then? ?i’ll let you know when i find out.

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