Posted by Dane Carder on April 28, 2009

so… the 4 Bridges Arts Festival was a good experience… lots of challenge, a fair reward, and memories for the keeping. the time in the studio leading up to the show was powerful, and maybe life-altering. i gradually grew more and more less excited about going back to painting interiors… the call of the Muse is on repeat, and there is no escape. so, i have begun the process of “re-configuring my business model,” and i am neck deep in the process now. i have a dozen or so components that amount to a grand plan… i am an artist, and the ability to make a living with my skills is on the way. this involves some creative thinking and some business minded stuff; i will be seeking help with half of this. i intend on embarking on an etsy adventure, hustling my decorative paintings online to the huge mass of international art consumers. i think that my bird paintings will lead the way… no “ghosts and hopes” will be sold. i have no idea where this will lead me, but i must try… i want to be in the studio painting. i will also begin writing my children’s book… i have the outline and the energy, i must use the time wisely… it is also about a bird. i am going to be submitting the “ghosts and hopes” to several galleries over the next couple of months. a gallery in chattanooga was very interested, and i am still aiming for atlanta and chicago. i have just completed the local half marathon, and i finished it in the top 2%. now, i must prepare for this artistic marathon… come on endurance.

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